Top 7 Tips to Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Top 7 Tips to Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Being green isn’t rocket science, follow our top tips below and help protect our world and your wallet.

1.Did you know that your fridge wastes at least 30 kilo watts per hour of energy every month?
This is because every time you open the door all that lovely cold air escapes. Down in the antipodeans an Australian inventor has created a top opening freezer into an incredibly efficient fridge. It only runs for a minute or two an hour to keep its temperature, this is because gravity leaves the cold air inside even if you leave the door wide open. Now we need a clever designer to build one where we can access all the food inside easily, sliding doors could be perfect for this.

2.The average temperature of a house today is 22C, in the 1950’s it used to be 18C. It seems our expectations are to happily walk around our house in t-shirts and socks. An extra layer and some warm slippers will not only help our environment but also our wallet. If you turn down your heating by 1 degree you will save yourself 3% of heating costs. Bring the temperature back down to 18C and you will save over 10% on your heating bills.

3.Are you thinking of upgrading to a large new flat screen TV? Well make your choices carefully as these new high definition televisions will certainly give a boost to your electricity bill. On a national level the huge use of these energy hungry televisions is becoming a growing concern. Look out for energy efficient stars and do your research before you get landed with a surprisingly large energy bill.

4.A limited number of different grants and subsidies are available from local and central government offices which are designed to help reduce energy bills in both domestic and business properties. Research on the internet or talk to a local supplier and you may be pleasantly surprised how cost efficient some of these environmental innovations will be.

5.Cleaning products not only cost money but can often create a toxic environment for you to live in. There are many fantastic alternatives with recipes that include baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar amongst others. To sweeten the smell of some of these cleaners add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil.

6.Draft proof your house, you are paying good money to warm that air so don’t let it escape. You could be losing up to 25% of your energy out through those tiny gaps in the windows and doors. It is not a difficult job to do for a novice DIY or call in the experts and you will save money and your CO2 emissions.

7.Lastly remember to turn off all your electrical from their standby mode. In the UK studies have estimated that 7% of our total power consumption is attributed to appliances left on standby.

Follow these simple tips and you will find your energy bill dropping substantially in the future, not only kind on your wallet but helping keep our world a safe place for future generations. For further tips on eco homes please visit cornwall house for sale which showcases a variety of eco homes in Hayle.