Perhaps being a tourist destination meant that Malindi would never get on the headlines for any other reasons especially its real estate potential. But this has changed over the years.

Malindi has one of the fastest growing economies in the Coastal region. This ancient town has the region’s most attractive tourist destinations together with a strong development potential. One major investment opportunity that exists in Malindi is real estate.

Here are 5 good reasons to invest in real estate in Malindi.

  1. It’s strategic location

Malindi is strategically located in between Mombasa and Lamu. Places like Watamu and Malindi Marine National Park attract tourists all year round.

  1. Good infrastructure

Malindi was and still remains one of the best quiet suburbs to live in Kilifi County. There are good roads, easy access to the beach and friendly locals who will always make it feel like home. Expect no traffic in Malindi or the commotion you normally see in major towns like Nairobi. In fact, the short commuting time and low urban diversity is what’s driving many people to work and live in Malindi.

  1. Land is still very affordable

Land in Malindi is still in the affordable range. You can get amazing waterfront properties in Malindi at a fraction of the price that you’ll find in Mombasa. There are also new homes coming up in Malindi that are very reasonably priced. Even high end homes in Malindi come at excellent rates. This is certainly the best time to invest.

  1. Many recreational facilities

Malindi is a great place to live and visit since there are so many recreational activities you can sample. You can enjoy the beach life with your family and friends, engage in water sports or boating and pass time sightseeing.

  1. Recent developments

For those who are paying attention to what’s going on in Malindi, they’ll tell you that the government is investing in huge projects such as the SalaGate road that is meant to connect Malindi to Tsavo East National Park. Government officials have been seen in Malindi buying large parcels of land to invest in. the fact that top people in government have been seen purchasing land in Malindi is a major sign that something amazing is about to happen in this Coastal town.

Other factors that are making Malindi a great place to invest in include access to building materials, the beautiful coastline and huge investment opportunities that are yet to be tapped. If you are still thinking about investing in a piece of Malindi, the time is now.